Dead cats

A dream this morning between 6 and 7. Vic and I are at home but it is my childhood home. We are looking after some children. Toys are scattered everywhere. I am sitting at a table reading. Suddenly I feel Lalo on my lap, real as life although I know he is dead. I pet him and he stretches in pleasure, turning almost upside down, sliding down between my legs. Continue reading


laloOur cat is 19 and a half years old. I think he is nearing the end of his life.

The vet told us six months ago that his kidneys were failing, which typically happens with old cats. But he has seemed fine, just slowing down, sleeping most of the time. Yesterday, however, he started limping and stumbled down the steps when he went to the basement where we keep his food, water, and litter box. We immediately brought all that upstairs. But in the last 24 hours he has grown even weaker and can hardly stand up. It’s the weekend. We have an appointment with the vet Monday morning. We’ll see. Meanwhile, he continues to appreciate attention and petting. Vic and I are trading off on that because if both of us move away, he, too, tries to move. Right now he is curled against my leg, sleeping. If my presence is a comfort to him, this is where I will stay today. Continue reading