Me and my pet ego

jet-set-carry._V398056363_Here is a status report on this spiritual transition that I seem to be experiencing. “Spiritual” because it’s taking me into unknown territory, unseen stuff, related somehow to God and especially to Jesus or Christ. For shorthand I could say it’s about “Christ consciousness.” That is because I am seeing it, influenced by my recent reading*, as a response to the invitation Jesus brought, to join him in the realm of the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven, which was all about consciousness, a way of seeing.

But you could also say that this is in the realm of my very human psyche Continue reading

The spiritual practice of making mistakes


I am beginning to get the idea that making mistakes, being wrong, is an important spiritual discipline. I picked up on this when I was traveling to Congo and making a lot of mistakes, some cultural, some quite blatantly personal. I learned to expect to be wrong quite often. I cheerfully let my ego take a backseat and realized that the education you get from errors is so valuable that you shouldn’t try too hard to avoid them. Nothing ventured–no embarrassment risked–nothing gained. Continue reading