Donald Trump, kickstarter

img_3032We are selling our beautiful house in the Michigan woods and plotting a move to the nearby city of South Bend, Indiana. We have many reasons for doing this and we have been thinking about it for some time but what prompted us to take action, to actually put our beloved home on the market and begin the rollercoaster of real estate searches, showings, and offers, has a lot to do with the election of Donald Trump and the stunning, fast-moving stream of events since then. Continue reading

Getting off the guilt hook

I love a cool spring. It slows things down. On this last day of April it is 50 degrees so some daffodils are still blooming, their radial petals wrinkling and going transparent. I forced myself out for a walk yesterday, two-and-a half miles, collecting two grocery bags of roadside trash along the way. It was a beautiful, sunny day.


I don’t know why I had to force myself to do this, but I did. Even on the loveliest day I can be overcome by inertia and just want to stay inside and read, shove food into my face, and grow old. There is no excuse for this. It is just a fact. Continue reading