An extra day

February-29-leap-day (1)

I am fully appreciating Leap Year today. This bissextile day comes exactly when I need it, coinciding with a parallel appreciation that emerged in my psyche yesterday afternoon that had nothing to do with Leap Year. Or perhaps it did.

Somewhere in the course of yesterday I forgot that it was Friday and began thinking that it was Saturday. This sometimes happens to me when I am juggling a number of different schedules, obligations, or deadlines and feeling a bit under pressure. My mind leaps too far forward in anticipation. Everything telescopes and I begin thinking I have less time to get everything done than I actually do.

That’s maybe better than the opposite problem, of deadlines creeping up on you faster than you thought. Either way, somehow time is lost.

So yesterday, Friday, I was thinking it was Saturday. I had preparations to make for Sunday and thought I really should be doing them but I was feeling resistant. Somebody asked me to do something on Monday and I agreed, but I began to feel a bit of pressure about that, too. Meanwhile, I was trying to arrange for a visit by grandkids during their spring break in a few weeks and anticipating how that might work if “Ben” were released at about the same time. In other words, my mind was totally in the future, juggling this and that along with some major unknowns.

And then last evening, as we were watching the (Friday) evening news, I suddenly realized that it was, indeed, Friday. I had a whole extra day! Later in the evening my daughter texted that she’d gotten the kids’ spring break dates wrong. The break began on March 28 instead of March 14.  She juggles far more obligations than I do and I’m afraid she has my tendency to get discombobulated about time. In any case, the later schedule seemed far easier to accommodate. A whole extra two weeks!

And when I woke up this morning I realized that this “found” Saturday was THE extra day in the year.

So now I am happily doing everything I thought I had to do yesterday and posting a blog as well.

Happy Leap Year, everybody! How are you spending this extra day?

4 thoughts on “An extra day

  1. Me and Ollie, just the two of us, all day. I think I will make this a leap year tradition. In four years, on Thursday 29 February 2024, he will be five years old. I think I will spring him from school for the day. God and Parents willing!

  2. Ah. After being away 6 days and coming home with a stomach bug, I’m claiming it as a day of catching up on small projects. My husband is having his turn with the tummy virus. We have glorious sunshine here but cold temps, so mostly just enjoying a day inside and doing small projects that need doing.

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