Yesterday and today

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace from day to day.

Yesterday I taught Ben how to bake bread. He is now in favor of baking all our bread, just as the stores are running out of flour.

Yesterday I made masks for the family, custom fitted to each of our shnozzes. Vic’s was a challenge. They may reassure our neighbors that we won’t cough on them, but I doubt we’ll wear them on walks unless we get The Directive.


Yesterday we watched more of Trapped, a series set in Iceland. Scandinavian noir seems about right. And trapped. Get it?

Yesterday I got out the electric knife sharpener and sharpened all the knives.

Today I sliced my fingertip slicing carrots.

Today I made a huge pot of bean stew with a smoked turkey leg. Beans seem like a treat because the store ran out of them week before last.


Today I picked up trash around the parking lot next to us. Our neighborhood does an annual cleanup, with donuts and a group picture and bags and gloves and block assignments. The listserv is full of fuss about how we’re going to do that this year. Stay six feet apart? Snap and post pictures of your trash bags? Come on, people, just do it! You don’t need donuts.

Today I made another list of groceries for delivery but no delivery times were available.

Today Aunt Sara dropped off, for Ben, a nice big duffel bag stuffed with choice clothes and items from the thrift store where she works. It was like Christmas. He was especially thrilled with the American flag mug.


Today I brought in a second bouquet of daffodils. It is a daffodil kind of spring, lots of chilly days to prolong the blooms. I measure my wealth in daffodils. My husband has other measures for wealth and he is not so happy right now.

The days may seem like they are all alike but they’re really not.



2 thoughts on “Yesterday and today

  1. Nancy, I love your writings. Especially during these times, you’re tuned in to how many of us are feeling and living. I’d love to stop by and have a slice of homemade bread…I can already inhale the wonderful aroma.

    Please keep your frequent blogs coming! Many thanks. Faye

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