Waltzing the Law of Three

I am just back from a 3-day Wisdom School on the Law of Three and I am seeing triangles everywhere.

Law of Three, in the Wisdom tradition of Christianity, is the theory that the most basic, most pervasive dynamic of life is a triangular dance among three kinds of forces: FIRST FORCE– affirming (positive, active); SECOND FORCE—denying (negative, passive); and THIRD FORCE—reconciling (neutralizing, transforming, catalyzing … etc.). The first two forces may end up in opposition but Third Force is present (though hidden) in the stalemate, and when it comes into play, change happens. Something new arises. Still, all three forces are necessary for that to happen.

This waltz is how things evolve on every level, from the subatomic to the universal. It is in the very nature of God (think Trinity as process more than persons). It operates at the level of the individual human psyche and in our interactions with each other. Continue reading

Inwards and Outwards

“Those deeply attracted by the ideas [undergirding spiritual transformation] but unable even to admit their own inability to face themselves as they are, often seem prone to settle for the comfortable anesthetic of teaching others.” From Ouspensky’s Fourth Way by Gerald de Symons Beckwith

This was posted recently on a private group page as the “unsettling quote for the day.” It drew a lot of comments, some affirming, some pushing against it or reacting to what seems like a sweeping criticism of spiritual teachers. Many members of this group are themselves spiritual teachers, in one way or another. Continue reading