Best of February 2011–September 2012

This is a reference post. Here are links in primary categories to posts I wrote at my old address, where it was impossible to assign categories. For future reference links to this post will appear in each category of the top menu bar.


Congo Cloth Connection Apr 2011

Congo Cloth Connecting July 2011

Congo stories January 2012

Congo wardrobe February 2012

Countdown to Kinshasa April 2012

Kin Day 1–Les Théologiennes May 2012

Kin Day 2–Shopping May 2012

Kin day 4—a funeral May 2012

Kin day 5—a church service May 2012

Kin day 9–Getting by May 2012

Kin day 10–food May 2012

Kinshasa–the day after May 2012

An environmentalist in Kinshasa May 2012

Finding Jesus in Congo May 2012

Rev. Mimi needs a ticket June 2012

Going back to Congo June 2012

Congo mules June 2012

A metaphorical injury August 2012

What matters and what doesn’t  August 2012

Luxuries and necessities September

You had to be there for the music September 2012

The ordination of Mimi Kanku September 2012

Cutting into the cloth September 2012

Current events

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima March 2011

Fukushima forever March 2011


When animals show up in dreams, pay attention Feb 2011

Asking for dreams Feb 2011

War dreams May 2011

A game of dreams June 2011

Dream retreat May 2011

Later that day May 2011

Dream adventures January 2012

Family life

A string bean and a glass of water July 2011

Oh Imperfect Love February 2012

Emotional sustainability March 2012

Making maple syrup February 2012

A memory day May 2012

10 things to do before 8 on a Sunday morning June 2012

Seventh Heaven June 2012

Interlude with a two-year-old August 2012


First bike ride April 2011

Biker chick August 2011

Lessons on wheels September 2011

Century plus September 2011


How to make a meal out of nothing Mar 2011

A low-sadness diet Mar 2011

Saved by kale September 2011

Kale massage December 2011

The no-burp diet November 2011

A fossil fuel diet November 2011

Making maple syrup February 2012

Eating nettles April 2012

Juicing up a new practice September 2012

Feeling fat in Japan September 2012


How I almost died in yoga class December 2011

What happened next December 2011

Antiphospholipid syndrome December 2011

My energy healing January 2012

My Feldenkrais healing January 2012


What is practical mysticism February 2011

What I’m chain-reading February 2011

Think small Feb 2011

Dusting and blessing March 2011

Conversion June 2011

Politics in the beloved community July 2011

Falling in love with theology October 2011

Jesus October 2011

Community October 2011

Sister Tree January 2012

What I see with my eyes shut February 2012

Liminal time and Real Church March 2012

Finding Jesus in Congo May 2012

At peace with one’s nature August 2012

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