Beware pickup and delivery

I have been on a driving moratorium while we’ve been sheltering in place. The last time I got into a car was four weeks ago tomorrow. But I broke my fuel fast today. I went to a grocery store.

I know, I’ve said that I’m happy to get my groceries delivered. But there are certain things that my regular grocery, the Meijer store where I’ve shopped for years, doesn’t have. The main one is my favorite breakfast oatmeal, Better Oats Steel Cut Instant Oatmeal with Flax Seeds. Original. That is, unflavored, unsweetened. I don’t know why Meijer doesn’t have the unflavored kind. I’ve asked for it repeatedly, to no avail. So I always get it at Martin’s, another local chain.

My plan today was to order a curbside pickup from Martin’s so I went online to do that and discovered that there were no pickup times available until next Tuesday, five days from now.

I could have waited. But I am longing to do something ordinary like grocery shopping. So I made a brief list, grabbed a mask and sanitizing wipes and set out into a beautiful spring morning. I figured, a quick in and out couldn’t be too risky.

When I got to the store I discovered I’d grabbed the mask I’d made for my husband instead of my own. Oh well. We are one flesh. His germs are my germs.

The store wasn’t crowded. As I wheeled a big cart toward the produce section the idea of a quick, limited trip just evaporated. I cruised every aisle of that store, keeping due distance from other shoppers. I bought $90 worth of groceries. It was so much fun.

I noticed that about 75% of the other shoppers wore masks. Some wore gloves. But none of the store employees wore masks or gloves. That includes the many young employees who were shopping for others, the ones who would have prepared my curbside pickup. Take note, friends and family who pick up orders at Martin’s. You might be safer doing the shopping yourself.

I watched one store shopper finger multiple sweet potatoes while I waited my turn at the pile. I then picked from the back of the bin, where her sweet little hands hadn’t reached.

The Shipt website assures me that their shoppers, who have been delivering to me from Meijer, are equipped with masks and gloves. I hope that is true, for their sake as well as my own.

I don’t usually mention companies or brands in my posts but I think this is important.

One thought on “Beware pickup and delivery

  1. Up in Dowagiac, I am surprised at how few people are wearing masks when they are out, including the grocery workers. Perhaps when they see more and more people doing it, they will take it more seriously.

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